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Online marketing is a kind of advertisement which uses the web to deliver marketing messages to the web users. Search engine marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. are the tactics for Internet marketing. There are many other ways for online marketing such as mobile marketing, web banner etc. Like any other marketing of advertising, internet marketing also consists of one publisher and one advertiser who integrates and create an idea to publish it online. Publisher with its creativity display idea online in such a way that it looks like bigger and lucrative. The content he write and post is updates and briefed about the product and try to get all attention from the web user.

Internet marketing

Online Marketing

On the other hand second way of advertisement is an ad agency who again involves a set of marketing activities to focus on product and its features. They also help in generating and place the ad copy, where an ad server which technologically delivers the ad and detect the statistics and affiliates of advertising who do independent promotional work for the ad companies.

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