• 27% use Google+ to learn more about prospective clients
  • 26% use Facebook to learn more about prospective clients
  • 35% found information on Google+ or Facebook that negatively impacted prospective clients’ requirements

Knowing where and how to monitor what’s being said about you – as well as when to get involved and when to hang back – is the key to building and maintaining your online reputation. With the right tools, you can even build your own ‘army of evangelists’ that will boost your credibility and even go to bat for you if your reputation is questioned. There is nothing more irritating than finding out you have lost a ‘pitch’, or didn’t secure a job, because someone ‘googled’ your company or personal name and didn’t like what they found online.

Reputation Monitoring

We can manage, monitor and report on instances of your company brand online

Online Reputation Management

We can manage negative publicity about your business or your person in a professional, confidential manner. Each client is independently assessed on a case-by-case basis; for example, it may be required to have comments removed from a website, start positive counter-publicity or move certain search results off the first few pages of search engines

We understand that having a positive online reputation can have a strong impact on your revenue, as it has become standard practice to Google-search a potential business before entering into an agreement with them.

Online Reputation Management FAQ

Q: Are you able to totally remove a website or link from Google search results?
A: We can’t completely remove links or websites from Google. Instead, we focus on creating and optimizing positive links until they rank higher than negative links. We don’t use any prohibited ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques or spam.

Q: How long will it take to see things start to change?
A: Usually the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) starts to change within a week. There’s typically about one downwards movement of a negative link every week.

Q: The website search results include an image bar, which includes negative image(s). Can you remove these images?
A: Negative images tend to be suppressed indirectly, as they belong to websites containing negative text. These websites are gradually moved down the results page, which will also remove their images from search results.

Q: Why is your work limited to the first page of Google results?
A: Removing links from subsequent pages is very difficult using SEO alone, and requires huge investment. Furthermore, research shows that 75% of searchers don’t look past the first page of results.

Q: Why are the search results I get different to those seen by other people?
A: Google remembers which links you click on when you search for a keyword, and will show these links higher up the next time you search. This usually explains different search results received by different people. To turn off personalization and see the results as anyone else would, use an “Incognito” window in Google Chrome web browser.

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