Responsive design means a website’s pages reformat themselves depending on which device they are being displayed on, ensuring that whether the content is viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer, the website will remain user-friendly.

Why has this made such waves in the web industry? This is remarkably different from previous mobile solutions of creating a separate mobile site or a dynamically served mobile site.

Even if a website is sitting pretty in search results, if it doesn’t work effectively for mobile and tablet users, bounce rate will be a big problem. Mobile websites can suffer from a high bounce rate if the content they offer is too stripped down, or too dissimilar from the content offered on the desktop site.

Google will interpret this high bounce rate as a sign that a website isn’t offering relevant content to users, which is likely to lead to a drop in rankings.

Benefits of SEO

1) SEO is an investment not a cost

You can achieve a large return for a relatively low to modest spends. Pretty much any site can be optimized for any keywords and phrases desired. The only limiting factors are time and money. Before you start though, make sure you know what you’re getting in to…understand the potential return compared to the resources required.

2) SEO can increase your businesses reach

Whether your target audience is local, national or global…SEO can get you in front of them.

3) SEO compliments and integrates with other forms of marketing

SEO can be even more powerful when combined with social media, PR and coupons/offers.

4) SEO can build your credibility and your brand

You can make your brand synonymous with certain keywords; customers will start to relate you as being an expert in that field.By creating the content to get top rankings you will increase yours and your website’s authority.

5) SEO is targeted marketing

You know the size of the market; in fact to some extent you have control over it. You can control how competitive you want to be.

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