Better Rankings in the Longer Term

A site that has been designed with both on-site and off-site SEO factors taken into consideration should continue to rank for a set of specific keywords in the long run. Stopping an SEO campaign will not immediately impact a site’s ability to rank the same way tuning off a PPC campaign would.

Basic SEO Is So Easy You Can Do It Yourself

Basic SEO is just a case of following Google’s guidelines and not attempting to manipulate the Google search engine. It is easy to learn the basics and most content management systems make adding things such as Meta data and other SEO elements easy too.

Search Engine Optimization Can Help You Reach New Markets

People will find your company via Google, but even if you are result number 13,200 on a results list of 230,000, you will still reach new markets. Plenty of online tools, software and apps mine data from Google. You may be result 13,200 on the search engine results, but an app may have you as number one.

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Long Term Strategy for Long Term Positioning

An effective SEO strategy is a long term strategy. Getting your site optimized for your most important keywords can be an ongoing process that never completely ends, and may take some time to generate meaningful returns.

However, once the leg-work has been done, and your site is positioned well to benefit from search engine traffic, a properly designed and optimized site should be able to maintain a stable position, with only a minimum of on-going SEO, if the campaign has been well executed.

Of course, there are no guarantees with SEO, and sometimes things can change overnight. The rules might change, or your competitors might put on a burst of effort to out-optimize you. But a well optimized site, with a solid SEO foundation, has the potential for long term gains thanks to search engine optimization.

SEO also brings in targeted traffic because webmasters assume that when visitors arrive through search engines, they must have previously entered a search query.  SEO brings in “normal” traffic but also “webmaster” traffic.  What do you think that webmasters do when they want to exchange links?  They search for similar sites.  Again…. using search engines.  Putting emphasis on good SEO allows you to attract targeted visitors, to increase your site’s goodwill, and to build visibility with other webmasters as well.  It is almost a self-sustaining process.  If your site is well ranked in search engines, other webmasters will automatically approach you to suggest possible partnerships, which will reduce the amount spent doing “active” promotion.