Search Engines spiders always focus on the unique content which are submitted on the World Wide Web. They are hungry for the quality content rather than the quantity of content.

It is good that you should write content for your people, but it is also important that you make your content to be understood by Search Engines. If search engines don’t understand “who you are”, “where are you linking from” or “what is your niche” in proper manner then there is no use of writing a great content which people can’t find it.

The best way to build backlinks to your website is through Article Submissions. There are number of article submission directories which allow you to submit your unique content to them and give you a space to place your website name in the author box. This is the backlink to your website. It’s true that you are selling your content to someone else without any price, but it’s also important that you are getting quality links to your website. The more links you get to your website, more popular your website will be.

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Benefits of Article Submission:

  • Building Backlink for your website
  • Getting Contextual link for your website from keyword you are targeting
  • Help in improving brand presence of your website if write properly
  • Generating traffic for your website
  • Improvement of your website ranking on Search Engine

The Importance of Article Submission for SEO can be summarized as follows:

  • Article submission done on a consistent basis ensures a steady flow of back links to your website. It is sure to be an important cog in the wheel of your marketing campaign.
  • Article submission helps to label your website as an authority website and helps to build your brand credibility in the market.
  • Search engines love links coming from web pages which are content-rich. Article submission opens the door for search engine ranking.
  • Article submission lures visitors to your website which can never be achieved through traditional internet marketing tools. Traffic gained through article submission is highly result oriented and targeted.
  • Article submission is a powerful method of getting quality incoming links to your website. It is an easy way to build links and costs almost nothing.
  • Article submission is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Article submission is considered as one of the main parts in the link building process by nearly every search engine marketer worth his reputation.
  • Article submission helps to achieve lifetime links for your website.