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Stage one requires the creation of content that will be visible to as wide of an audience as possible. Thus, content marketing that is goal-oriented in this regard will maximize SEO and use a platform that will reach the highest number of people.

To achieve stage two of the buying cycle, the content must be interesting and relevant to the reader. This is perhaps the most challenging stage to facilitate; however, content marketing is perhaps the best strategy to employ towards this goal, as unlike traditional advertising there is usually enough latitude in content marketing to include interesting information independent from your product or service.

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A successful website consists of three elements: content writing, design and development, reputation management services and merchandising. While you can make a high-quality internet site through content writing services and development alone, marketing helps you bring your message to an audience that likes. On the same occupations, you can set up an effective marketing campaign, but will get lacklustre results without a website visitors can easily use, and the products they care most.

Once the potential buyer’s attention has been captured, the savvy content marketer needs to know how to translate that interest into the next stages of the buying cycle. Thus, interesting content should segue seamlessly and logically into a free trial of the product or another engagement strategy to lock in intent. From here, a combination of product quality and exposure to direct purchase information should lead to a purchase by an interested buyer.

Apply your knowledge of content marketing for the first few stages to help guide the customer in using your product or service, through tutorial videos, targeted user content and other post-purchase informative content.

Finally, you can lock in customer loyalty and advocacy by keeping the content marketing conversation going even after they have learned how to use the product. For example, if they have purchased one product and reported certain results for it, would they be interested in purchasing another product related to that industry? For this goal, targeted content is key, as a customer will not want to be receiving the same information they saw at Stage One!