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Infographics or Information graphics, as the name intends, are a visual representation of information or data to present complex info quickly and clearly. These Infographics are also very helpful to attract users and make them understand the information in a simpler way.

Why Infographics are good for SEO:

  1. Interest grows as it is attractive to visitors.
  2. Build targeted audience.
  3. The content goes viral.
  4. Creating greater brand awareness.
  5. Better understanding of content.
  6. People link back with credits.
  7. Make visitors stay longer.
  8. Can be embedded by other bloggers.
  9. Portrays you as an expert.

Infographics are hot right now. They are attractive, draw your eye, and impart a lot of information. They also are really difficult to stop reading which makes them extremely useful for getting across dry content that may otherwise difficult to sit through making them an excellent educational tool.

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Here are the top reasons why you need them:

  1. Because of infographics, it becomes easy for viewers to understand complex information, facts and figures in a graphically representative form. Another advantage of using infographics is that the graphics are eye catching & attract people, as generally, they tend to avoid reading long write-ups. So, information through infographics is the best way to convey facts and figures to the viewers.
  1. It much easier to share and link infographics because people are more responsive towards graphics than text. Infographics contain images and graphics, which viral more frequently than text especially on social media websites. Graphics in infographics attract most of the visitors, which leads to more sharing and linking of infographics as compared to text. They also provide better results to the marketers and more popularity to your products. Another big advantage is that it keeps getting shared even months after it has been shared on websites & social media.
  1. Infographics help to promote and to develop brands. If you use infographics as a search engine optimization strategy and in a correct way, then infographics can help you to establish and promote your brand name. With the help of infographics you can enhance the online presence of your brand and bring your brand at the top on search engine rankings. So, infographics can be your best bet vis-à-vis marketing strategy if applied with the right approach & manner.
  2. Infographics contain another huge benefit & that is, the worldwide accessibility of infographics. If we use infographics to convey any information, facts and figures and upload it on websites then they go viral and help to access information worldwide, which is not possible with the use of local media and expand the reach name of your brand and company across the world.