The management of corporate reputation is facing unprecedented challenges in the digital age. The internet and social media are being used in increasingly sophisticated ways to share ideas, draw attention to issues and to mobilize public opinion as never before.

“Anyone from anywhere in the world can now talk publicly and visibly about a company and it only takes three or four rewets for something to cause considerable reputational damage. Unfortunately it is often the dissatisfied that speak the loudest.”

Reputation management originally focused on public relations. Which need continues concentration on the customer behavior as well as on the new events and happenings in the Organizations. Mainly, it helps the company for avoiding any issues, which may occur over the time which will harm the company’s reputation.

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The Benefits of having a good Online Reputation Management:

  • Creates Brand Awareness
  • Increase Visibility
  • Attract More Visitors
  • Increased in Sales and Revenue
  • Builds Trust among the Customers
  • Helps in launching a new products or services

When people search for your name or your business in Google, what do they see? Your site followed by social media profiles and positive reviews? Or listings from sites like RipOffReport.com? Either way, it’s time to learn the first steps to taking control of your reputation using online reputation management (ORM).

So how Online Reputation Management Service is practically carried out?

ORM professionals are left with two options: One being promotion of existing web pages with positive content in regards to the individual and the other being creation of new content which also requires perpetual promotion. In any case, this is a complex process as it demands simultaneous promotion of web pages that possess positive content and references of the concerned individual.

There are several ways in which one can promote positive values of the concerned individual, the major ones being:

  • Using existing positive content.
  • Creating new positive content.
  • Building fictitious profiles on leading Social Network Platforms (also simultaneously making use of existing profiles).
  • Endorsing appropriate keywords (primarily the name of the person and if he is the head of the Company then also the Company’s name) via promotion-enabled sites.
  • Establishing profile links to all of the above mentioned categories.

Positive content is relatively proportional to Online Reputation Management. Greater the quantity of existing online positive content in regards to the individual, it is relatively easier to start the process of eradicating negative feedbacks and posts. However, in most cases there is need to create new complimentary content in addition to the existing information.

Generally, social networking profiles are listed on the first page of the search engines. Therefore, if one does not already possess such a profile then it’s imperative to create one for him, compatible to the beliefs and accomplishments that he may desire to highlight.

A key element in managing online reputation is to develop customized pre-programmed sites for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) including specific pages with a framework that (significantly) influence promotion on Google or other search engines.