It is important to optimize your press releases for those major news search engines in order to efficiently promote your business, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add in your press release at least 3 relevant keywords according to your target audience. In this way users will be able to find the press release from the search engines.
  2. Add links in your press release pointing to your website’s correspondent content.
  3. Create a database of directories, news and press release submission websites according to your target audience. In this way you will be able to distribute them, keep a trace of your actions and publications.

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If your press release has relevant keywords and links, the optimization’s benefits you can acquire from systematic press releases submission are considerable:

  • Higher ranking in news search engines
  • Directly reach your target audience
  • Increase your website’s visitors from news search engines
  • Increase your visitors’ database through your website’s newsletter or contact form
  • Increase your business visibility

So get your pen, write an optimized, clear and attractive press release and grab the opportunities that news search provides to reach your online audience!

Rules to follow:

Consistent, Targeted Messaging

The most important rule for writing a press release is to make sure that it’s centered on a single, newsworthy topic that’s important to your target audiences.

Write a Clear, Concise Headline

Search engines rely heavily on page titles to determine ranking, and your press release’s headline is its page title. For proper indexing by news sites, your headline should be between 2 and 22 words.

Use Sub headlines

While subheads are not included in page title tags, they are a good place to incorporate additional keywords that are not in your headline.

Add Meaningful Links

Use links in your release to direct your audiences to relevant additional content: Backgrounders and FAQs for reporters and analysts, product purchase pages and reviews for customers, campaign-specific landing pages, and so on.

Use Text Formatting for Emphasis

Bold, italic, underlined and bulleted text help emphasize key points in your release, break up your content into easily digestible sections and provide visual cues for skimmers to quickly pick up the gist of your news.

Include Your Company Logo

Build recognition by including your logo at the top of your release. It’s free with any Business Wire circuit. Your logo is likely to be the first image people find when searching for your brand or organization name.

Include Complete Contact Information

Make sure to provide up-to-date phone numbers and e-mail addresses; reporters tell us that omitting these is one of their main pet peeves. Always include a way for media to follow up with any questions.