Increasingly ISVs and technology companies are confronted with capacity bottlenecks, and lack of technology talent with the requisite exposure in their native environments. As a result, they are unable to handle a multitude of challenges such as migration to a SaaS mode, up gradation of their technology stack, enhancement of product functionality and customization requests. At the same time, ISVs are reluctant to resort to traditional IT outsourcing, as they are primarily worried about of lack of dedicated resources from the service providers and also unsure about the efficacy of offshoring and distributed development in a product development environment.

Until recently, mid-size companies have tried to handle their human resources functions in-house; however, new technology makes it much more practical and cost-effective for them to outsource their payroll, benefits administration and other HR functions. Companies around the world are discovering the many benefits and savings of Human Resources Outsourcing. Human Resources outsourcing firms can enable companies to experience an immediate and measurable reduction in overhead.

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SCALABILIITY: Depending on the individual company, human resources outsourcing services are scalable. For instance, some companies prefer to maintain a minimal in-house HR staff, and use an HRO firm to support them. Others may choose to only outsource their payroll services or other select functions. Indeed, as benefits administration continues to grow more complex by the day, benefits administration outsourcing is a very popular choice for many companies.

FIRST STEPS: The most common first step for most companies is outsourcing their payroll. Outsourcing this time-consuming and complicated process often triggers a big sigh of relief by the client company’s managers or owners. Outsourcing frees up existing employees, enabling them to take on more critical roles within an organization. Indeed, outsourcing does not need to mean staff reduction. Companies can simply redefine the roles of those whose burdens are lifted by Human Resources outsourcing firms.

QUALITY & EFFICIENCY: In some cases, companies discover that outsourcing all of their human resources administration is the best option. Many find that having a separate company available to handle all of their HR needs dramatically improves the quality and the efficiency of many of the functions previously handled in-house.

EXPERTS AT YOUR SERVICE: In many ways, HR outsourcing is like adding a group of experts to an organization, because a Human Resources outsourcing team exists solely to support their clients. Companies enjoy all of the benefits of having a competent, professional team working for them – without all of the hassles of maintaining a group of full-time employees.