Videos are ubiquitous in today’s online world. By using them on your website you can increase site traffic through attraction marketing.

Once you have attracted ‘eyeballs’ you then need to convert them into paying customers.

These days, you have to earn trust. If you don’t, your business might end up embroiled in a, er, fail-gate. But establishing trust can be a challenge. One study found that 75% of people believe that companies don’t tell the truth in their advertising and another found that a mere 14% of people trust advertising. And this same sort of skepticism is likely to be at work when they visit your website. Potential customers won’t believe that your product is good just because you say it is. But they might if somebody else says it. And that is why you should use customer testimonials.

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Peer recommendations play an important role in promoting products and services. Video testimonials are just another form of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations that help to optimize our decision making process.

Statistics support the fact that sites with consumer reviews; find conversion rates to be higher than those without any reviews or testimonials.

Conversion rate optimization techniques have progressively become the backbone of any online business. And through its assigned weight in search engine and social media platform algorithms, video’s role is key.

It also provides a preferred way to convey information and build an emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

In order to fully understand the value of video testimonials, you must look at the two root words: video and testimonial. Video has quickly become the most effective content medium in Internet marketing. Whether it’s a product video, live streaming event, or testimonial, video engages users unlike any other alternative content form.

Why are testimonials important?

Trust – Now people are skeptical not just about politics but just about everything—including businesses. Gone are the days that people readily trusted a business’s claims about itself

Using testimonials is like harnessing positive word-of-mouth—that holy grail of advertising—and giving it a platform. Marketing Experiments conducted some research into the power of customer testimonials. They designed two different versions of an online customer registration process, one version had testimonials and the other version didn’t. They found that written testimonials increased customer conversion by 25%. And when they used video testimonials—you might want to sit down for this—conversion rates increased by a whopping 201%!

Let’s review the ground we’ve covered:

  • Testimonials help build trust.
  • Authenticity is key, so use real testimonials from real people.
  • Alleviate anxiety by being specific and placing testimonials strategically.
  • Written and video testimonials both have their place. Videos can be even more effective, but should be used sparingly.