SEO is a dynamic industry which requires a keen eye and strong attention to detail, especially when making on-page changes, performing new off page activities or developing link-building strategies. Search Engines are getting smarter by the day and marketers are ever increasing the amount of time and investment in constructing an effective SEO plan to boost the traffic of their websites.

A website design must also be fantastic from a user-experience and search engine friendliness point of view. Google search console allows the user to track website performance and bugs, while Google Analytics plays a vital role in tracking traffic to landing pages. Other factors that help with optimization include website speed, image optimization, link building, social media strategies and recovery from Google penalties.

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to improve search results and 2016 will be no exception. The New Year has already brought noteworthy changes. Let’s talk about how you can stay on top, no matter what Google brings.

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Since more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers, mobile-friendly sites are increasingly important to search results, and Google tweaks will continue to refine results for mobile users. Websites that are slow to load and clumsy to navigate on small screens will lose significant traffic moving forward. You might also want to consider the advantages of developing a mobile app.

Every change Google makes is designed to deliver better user experience, and websites that deliver speed, ease of use, and superior content will continue to dominate the search. Make sure your site is lean, fast, and easy to navigate.

The best way to improve your content is to understand your customers and use intimate knowledge to address exactly what they want to know. Great content will help you earn quality backlinks from other websites using your content as a resource, another important search ranking signal.

Mobile search targeting favors local businesses. You can take advantage of your location by including mentions of local areas in your content and on your pages and claiming your listings on sites like Yelp and Foursquare. To help Google locate your site, make sure your listings are current, consistent, and correct.

In 2014, Google announced that secure (HTTPS) connections would contribute as a “lightweight” ranking signal – for now. In March 2015, Search metrics was able to confirm the ranking impact of secure connections by analyzing the difference between HTTP and HTTPS pages on high-traffic sites. The way Google worded their announcement indicates strongly that security as a ranking signal is likely to grow in importance.

The new algorithm will seek to identify unnatural links, thin content, spam and other attempts to game the ranking system in real time, constantly updating and refreshing quality assurance. This will be great for webmasters who take a hit and work to correct it. You won’t have to wait for a refresh to regain your ranking after fixing the problem.

Staying on top of SEO means delivering quality content and experience to the user without using shady tactics to try and game the system. Google has been pretty clear on its intent from the beginning.

It may sound simple, but the meaning of “quality” shifts with emerging technology and higher consumer expectations. We’re dealing now with programming that used to be cool, like once-ubiquitous JavaScript and flash menus that won’t run on mobile devices, and the ever-increasing need for speed.