Many people have asked about what is SEO? Perhaps you are one of them who wonder about SEO. Definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to increase visitors to the blog. This SEO will help you to learn the basics of SEO. First question is: “What is SEO”?

SEO consists of the letters ‘SE’ means Search Engine, while the ‘O’ means optimization. Usually bloggers call it Search Engine Optimization. First we will talk about Search Engine. As you know there are many Search Engines such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing etc. But we will give examples of the most priority which the Google Search Engine. A benefit of Search Engine is to provide answers or results of search queries that you type in a search engine.

Some important SEO factors:

 Keyword Research

 On-page SEO Techniques

 Off Page SEO Techniques

 High Quality Backlinks

 Use easy Structure and Navigation also user friendly

 Image Optimization

There are many factors behind this SEO optimization. But above mentioned are just the most important. Search Engine read codes, links and text from websites and provide results in accordance with user demand.

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Let’s understand better

Furthermore, understanding how and what SEO is? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making continuous improvements in your website / blog in order to get a better ranking in the search engine results page (SERP). SEO includes different types of techniques, methods and strategies that you can use to optimize your website and to increase the number of Web site visitors.

You have to make Google and other search engines to read and understand the contents (content) blog, to facilitate robot SE content rank higher in the search results. Before we explain in depth how to optimize SEO your blog, you need to know how search engines work.

How SEO Works

There are many factors that determine the position of the site in the SERP, but the most important is the relevance. Google and other search engines only want to give results that are most relevant and useful to their users. In some situations, however, other factors can affect the final result. Some examples of these factors could be the location of the user, the user’s search history, etc.

Relevance: Someone looking for prices phone.

You present a mobile laptop prices, not the phone price! Your blog is irrelevant and certainly will not be shown here, no matter how hard of your blog SEO optimization efforts. Search engine algorithms are complex and understand the difference between phrases identical or not, and can provide search results that best matches the user’s search query.

Authority: Someone looking to buy an iPhone 6.

Does Google really want to show your website to their users? Are you more trustworthy than apple.com? I do not think so, but there are other positions that you can target. First, create backlinks from other blogs similar reviewing its niche your content. This means that other blogs are saying that your content is valuable enough. With so if more and higher quality backlinks you have to trust it will make your blog and Google displays search results better.

Location: your friends are looking for iPhone 6.

He has been visiting your online store multiple times, you are obviously friends with social networking and he lived in the same street where your store is located. There is a great opportunity for you that Google will position your online store page 1 on SERP.

Why Keyword important for SEO?

Keyword is very important for your SEO strategies and techniques. First, think about your potential visitors. What kind of query he typed, what is he looking for? You cannot optimize the content of your article to hundreds of different terms, but only one or two. This is the reason why you need to be very specific when optimizing SEO for your content.

So, from the above reviews I hope you can understand and nugget about what is SEO and SEO sense. SEO Actually it involves the quality of the content, onsite SEO optimization, Onpage and Offpage. SEO is not the practice of ‘set and forget’; you must regularly expand your content and provide your visitors with fresh and unique content.

There is no guarantee occupy the top spot in the SERP because so many factors that influence the results, but if you choose an SEO optimization techniques like ‘White Hat SEO’, you will get better SEO ranking. You cannot see the results with lightning speed, it could be weeks or even months, but the quality optimization can be beneficial to your business and to deliver to the door of success in this online world. 🙂