For WordPress professionals, the platform is second nature and the benefits of using WordPress for building websites are completely obvious. However, we often forget that clients don’t possess that same knowledge.

All they want is a website and they don’t care about what’s running it. Others, however, do care and sometimes have open doubts about whether WordPress is worth their time and money because they lack the necessary information.

Many projects and business opportunities fall through because WordPress professionals fail to address these doubts in a convincing manner. For that reason, in today’s article, we will go over some common questions and objections commonly raised by would-be clients and how to overcome them.

Isn’t WordPress Only For Blogs?

This one is a classic. Loads of people outside the WordPress community still associate the platform purely with blogging.

Apart from that, it’s true that WordPress originated as a blogging platform. However, several years ago it shifted towards becoming a full-featured CMS and a lot more stuff has happened since then.

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Is WordPress Really Free?

Cost is often one of the main considerations for client projects, and the non-existent price tag is one of the main benefits of using WordPress. Instead, the platform is an open-source project that is being maintained by a network of dedicated volunteers all across the world that develops, test, and improve it constantly.

With themes and plugins widely available, developers don’t have to start from scratch but can build upon existing material, saving time in the process.

And no, there are no hidden charges, not now, not in the future.

Is WordPress Reliable?

A follow-up question to the above is often whether if the platform is built by a bunch of volunteers, it means you have to expect shoddy quality.

WordPress is maintained by a community of thousands of highly professional coders, testers, and developers who produce updates, patches, and new features on a regular basis.

Apart from that, the platform is also based on mature and fully-tested technology like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript, which meets the coding standards set by the World Wide Web consortium and follows best practices laid out by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

But Does It Scale?

Especially bigger clients can have a hard time believing that WordPress is the right solution for them.

They think that while it might be fine for small businesses and personal websites, real companies should probably invest in something more “professional”.

WordPress is usable in almost any hosting environment from the smallest shared hosting to high-end servers and can be used to power anything from single blogs to entire Multisite website networks.

Is WordPress Safe to Use?

The list of famous WordPress users above should be a sufficient indication of the maturity of the platform and, in fact, dispel most client doubts.

In fact, a WordPress security team consisting of more than 25 experts is tasked with the sole job to keep the platform safe and it does so in cooperation with leading security researches and hosting companies.

Combined, these measures will reduce the risk of being hacked to a minimum and make WordPress as safe as anything operating online can be.