Online reputation management, from the name itself, is monitoring your brand image on the Web. The fact that you’re managing your business’ reputation online makes it complex, as there could be a large reservoir of information attributed to your brand. That’s why it’s important that you know how to address false claims and to keep your positive image out in the open.

The Internet allows customers to freely share their thoughts and opinions regarding products or services through online reviews and such, and rave reviews can do wonders for a business’ reputation. The opposite is also true; scathing remarks about a business can deter consumers from making a purchase. As more people turn to the Web for information before making a purchase, your business will need online reputation management services to make sure that your products and services are given a fair chance.

Before you head on to your online reputation management campaign, you should create a plan first. Brainstorm how your business will address false claims and how it will respond to negative issues. That way, you will be prepared in case it becomes an issue. One way to manage your business’ image is to optimize your online presence. You can do this by having your own website, claiming your Google Places page and creating multiple social media accounts. It should be named after your business to minimize negative search results. Thus, you are in control of what would appear on search engine result pages.

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Online reputation management requires you to constantly monitor what people are saying about your business. Although it could be tedious, this could help you know who to acknowledge for positive feedback, and who to address when negative issues arises. Moreover, monitoring what people tells about you or your brand can help you prevent false claims from spreading on the Internet.

Encourage your customers to share their experience with your business, and acknowledge and promote those who give positive feedback. Optimizing it can also make sure that only the good things about your brand will appear on the first page of SERPs.

There will always be someone that will say something negative about you. That’s fine, since you really can’t please everybody. Just make sure to provide a superb customer service so that your customer won’t fume madly and create havoc on your online reputation. Additionally, false claims should be addressed in a timely fashion. There could also be trolls who just want to bring out the worst in you, so remember to choose your battle.