Reputation Management shows businesses what people are saying about them, improves their visibility in local search and provides progress reports to prove your agency’s worth.

It is entirely possible to make these negative search results disappear. It’s not an act of magic, but a tried and true technique that has helped thousands of businesses clear up their reputations online, correct inaccuracies and project a positive image of them. We’re skilled at removing attacks, rumors, distortions and inappropriate slanders against companies online.

A review or website that says something negative about your business or personal life can cause serious damage. Online, your reputation is everything! Trust, credibility, and the value you offer – these things are essential on the World Wide Web. One negative review or website can destroy the trust you’ve spent years building and drive away thousands of potential customers. It can even cost you a future job. Any smart individual will Google you or your company before engaging in any business with you.

Anybody can speak negatively about an individual or business. Unfortunately in today’s world, you are who Google says you are. What makes it even worse is you cannot stop anybody from Goggling your name BUT WE CAN CONTROL THE RESULTS THEY SEE.

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  • Google your company’s name and see what shows up. “If there are any sites that are negative or that you don’t control, try to push them down in the search results with your own profiles on social media sites,
  • Several experts suggested using Google Chrome’s Incognito mode to search for your company or brand names. Incognito strips out some, though not all, of the personalized search results Google serves to recognized users and presents a more generic view that’s closer to what others might see.
  • Look at the first three pages of your search results, not just the first page, because a negative piece of content on page 3 can eventually make its way to page 1.
  • Create a spreadsheet that contains all of the search results from the first three pages of your search. Indicate which results are positive, negative or neutral, as well as which ones you control or influence and the ones you don’t. This establishes a baseline for your online reputation that you can later use to assess your reputation enhancement efforts. Take screen shots of each Google search results page at the beginning and periodically repeat the exercise.
  • Immediately respond to unhappy customers on social media and directory sites such as Yelp. Showing compassion and owning up to any mistakes you make goes a long way toward repairing the damage and proves to anyone viewing the conversation that you take customer service seriously.
  • If someone mentions something positive about you on a site such as Yelp, reward him or her with a coupon, freebie or a simple thank you.
  • Optimize brand video with your company name on YouTube, which is widely considered to be the second largest search engine. “In some cases, Google ranks YouTube videos higher than actual websites,”