Social media can give you the opportunity to improve your brand identity, reach new customers, and communicate with potential customers. Using these platforms in the right way, however, takes experience. You won’t get good results by using a business’s Facebook profile to create a few posts.

A Quick Return on Investment

Many marketing strategies require big budgets that small and medium businesses simply cannot afford. If you want to air a commercial on television, prepare to reach deep into your pockets.

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Social media, however, has an extremely low cost of entry that makes it easy for you to get a quick return on your investment. It’s completely free to set up accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and most other sites. Once you have your profiles established, you will need to spend some money making your posts more visible to people who might want to follow your business. The expense, however, is remarkably low, even compared to the amount you would spend on a radio ad.

Of course, there’s a lot more to social media marketing than just setting up an account. You also need someone to manage your accounts so you can interact with potential customers, update your business’s information, and take advantage of marketing tools.

Targeted Content for Better Results

If you’ve never used a social media business account, then you may not know about all of the tools sites use to help members target their advertisements and content. These tools are becoming more sophisticated by the day. It’s possible to target audiences on Facebook by:

  • Geographic location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Interests
  • Relationship status


Targeted ads get the best results when they use carefully crafted messages. These messages can include quick posts, infographics, and images. They can also include links to articles on your company blog.

Detailed Analytics Help Campaign Management

To take full advantage of social media networking, you need someone who can analyze online behavior and use that information to shape marketing campaigns.

Social media analytics analyze the behaviors of your followers, fans, and customers so you know what marketing concepts work well and which do not. Crafting messages and targeting audiences often works well, but you need objective information to grade effectiveness. Without precise analytics, you’re shooting in the dark.

Further Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

As social media platforms evolve, small businesses will have more ways to connect with customers. In the end, it pays to hire a professional who researches the latest trends. As the technology changes, our clients can expect to benefit from:

  • Image and brand management that develops a likeable personality and addresses unexpected crises
  • Customer feedback that offers insights into how your business can improve its products and services
  • New connections with other businesses that can help you succeed


Social media marketing can help small businesses achieve great results, but you’ll need to know how to use it effectively. That’s where The Social Savior comes in. Our social marketing experts know how to help your business take the steps that lead to greater success.