WordPress is a dynamic Content Management System

WordPress started as just a blogging platform, but has since evolved into a full content management system and more than that through thousands of themes and plugins.

WordPress is free

One of the main benefits of WordPress is that it costs nothing, but that can make people think theres a catch. If WordPress is so good why is it being given away for free? Well WordPress is free because it isn’t owned by any one person or company. Being an open-source project means that it’s maintained by a group of volunteers from around the world who are constantly making it better. Therefore it is free to use, to build as many websites as you want with it.

WordPress is easy to use

When your website is built and handed over for you to use, you want to be able to edit any component of the website with ease. With WordPress you can have complete control over your website, without the need to consult a web developer every time you want to make a change.

WordPress is reliable

WordPress, being built and maintained by a group of volunteers may make you think about the quality, however this worry is unwarranted as the community is built up of thousands of professional developers who code and test updates on a regular basis.

You can scale WordPress

Large organisations can have a hard time believing that WordPress will fit their needs, and that they need to invest in something more “professional”. One of the main reasons that WordPress is so good is that it can grow alongside your business, from a startup to a large network of websites that use WordPress Multisite.

WordPress is safe to use

Nobody wants to expose themselves, or their website visitors to security risks, especially if being trusted with sensitive data, such as personal identifiable information.

WordPress is good for search engine ranking

Google loves WordPress1 as it takes care of 80-90% of the search engine optimisation mechanics to ensure that your website gets crawled, which gives you a head start when it comes to ranking above your competitors.

WordPress is mobile friendly

As mobile traffic continues to overtake desktop traffic, it is necessary to think about how your visitors will be viewing and interacting with your website.

WordPress supports teams

In order to keep your website up to date, you may need different team members to work on the website at any one time. There are a number of user roles within WordPress that have defined capabilities which enable you to control the level of access you want your members to have.

WordPress will be around for a long time

When you make an investment, you want to know that it will be a good one far into the future. Knowing if your chosen Content Management will stand the test of time is important when it comes to you and your business.

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