Higher Targeted Traffic = Higher Conversion Rates = Higher Sales

Embarking on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign is one of the most effective strategies in generating targeted traffic to your landing pages or directly to your main website. However, PPC involves a bit of investment and that means cost. If your PPC campaign generates traffic that does not convert into sales, then your campaign is a failure and you would have just wasted valuable time and resources.

With targeted traffic that converts into sales, you can expect a faster return for all your PPC investments, allowing you to launch an even better, more massive and more effective PPC campaign. At this point however, it would be important to take careful note of conversion rates in relation to the amount of targeted traffic you receive and the price of your product or service.

This can be simplified by the following example. Let’s say that you are selling a product worth $50 through your website and are using PPC Ads to promote and market your product online. If you pay approximately $0.50 per click through your PPC ads, then you’ll need a conversion rate of more than 1% from all your site traffic. This means that for every 1000 site visitor, you should have at least 10 people from this batch buying your product just to break even on your PPC campaign.

People online are constantly seeking huge amounts of information for whatever purposes or needs they may have on a daily basis. More often than not online users get directed to a website, either through a natural search engine query or clicking on what they thought was a relevant PPC ad, only to find information or content that really does not provide the answers they need. Many would simply get frustrated from all these and forever shun these websites that they have now marked as useless.

If you are generating the right kind of targeted traffic to your website – the kind that is actively searching for content about certain kinds of products or services – and if your website manages to deliver the content they need, you’ll end up with happy, satisfied visitors who’ll have no qualms of going back to your website on a regular basis. This would truly be a big boost to your brand’s online reputation, which will be catapulted to even greater heights once these satisfied web visitors start telling other people about your brand, product or services.

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