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Web Design Tips

Web design trends are changing with time. However, the basic tips that you need to follow to make your website a success still remains the same. Let’s take a look at some the best web design tips:

  • Simple and clean: Keep your website clean and clutter-free. Try to avoid excess ads, banners, icons, badges, signs, pop-ups, buttons, etc. This could be a distracting feature for the visitors.
  • Research: Study the different websites relevant to your field and comprehend the message that you would like to convey on your website based on the best practices.
  • Visual hierarchy: Prioritise and optimise the items or images that are likely to get more attention to your website.
  • Easy access: Make your text consistent in terms of font, font-size and alignment of colours.

Web Design tips for beginners

Mastering the art of web design is not an uphill task. As a beginner, it is just a process of continuous learning for you. Once you learn the tips and tricks to meet your deadlines, address the challenges and gain proficiency over the technical skills, you are all set to make your career as a professional web designer. Here’s a list of key web design tips that will help you become a successful web designer.

  • For any profession, the key to success is practice. Keep practicing till you perfect the skill.
  • Make simple and clean designs.
  • Start your web design practice with moderate graphics or images.
  • Try and interact with the visitors through communicative graphics.
  • To make your website attractive, create your own clip-art, use a standardised theme and add a responsive design.
  • Facilitate easy navigation and browser compatibility.

e-Commerce web design tips

e-Commerce web design is focused towards the overall customer journey from the point of first contact till the final checkout. The primary responsibility of an ecommerce web designer is to make this journey as quick and easy as possible. Here’s a list of some expert tips to build such e-Commerce websites that customers will love.

  • Maintain simple and clear system of filters by different parameters.
  • Keep a dominating search bar on the main website page.
  • Remove the out-of-stock products from the website.
  • Make sure to highlight the product images along with the description.
  • Place your shopping cart at a convenient location for the customer to spot it.
  • Use an efficient navigating tool like bread crumbs.
  • Flaunt a huge fly-out menu with categories and sub-categories list.
  • Display the final cost on the product page or shopping cart page.
  • Make your website SEO friendly.


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