Some of the key benefits of blogging include:

  • A blog regularly adds fresh content to your firm’s website.
  • A blog provides material that can be posted on social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Sharing blog posts “socially” will increase your visibility, drive inbound links to your firm’s website, and lead to improved SEO results, meaning your law firm’s website will rank better in search engine results.
  • A blog establishes you as a thought leader and expert in your field, as well as builds awareness about your practice and your firm, increasing client engagement and generating potential business leads.
  • The more frequently you blog, the more assets you build and the more credibility and visibility you gain.

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A blog can be great for children and some schools have already set up facilities for their pupils. Teachers find that blogging can help pupils develop confidence, improve their self-expression and get a real sense of fulfillment from publishing their work. Here are some of the key things children can gain from blogging:

  • They help children to develop confidence
  • They improve their self-expression
  • Children get a real sense of fulfillment from publishing their work
  • They help children to forge multicultural links
  • Reading and writing skills can improve
  • Children become more independent and creative
  • Children can feel empowered by the knowledge that others know their views on a topic

You could say that every blog post is a thought. Any blogger behind a post is venting out his ideas on a keyboard regarding a specific subject. With this post here, I am speaking my thoughts i.e my thoughts on the benefits of blogging.

It is amazing how much you can discover about yourself when you put yourself out there with a blog post. You could say that social media allows us to do just that BUT your own personal blog gives you the freedom to do and say whatever you wish; uncensored, uncut!

A major benefit is the connecting and communicating with other bloggers and visitors of your blog. The amount of knowledge you can learn from both sides is limitless!

Take the DIY blog example again; while you’re building out your blog you can collaborate, guest post, feature and build relationships with other people that love DIYs. That is an amazing benefit that can only be made possible if you blog and you put your thoughts out there!